Satja vs Leona FCS58

Leona vs Satya

This fight was one of the toughest fights we saw at the first Female Combat Stars event….a real WAR!

The two women don’t like each other at all and you can see the hatred in their eyes right from the start. They are pretty well matched in terms of height and weight. Leona proved to be a very smart and skilled grappler, teenager Satja is very competitive and she hates losing, especially when she doesn’t know her opponent.

It’s supposed to be wrestling but there are quite a few illegal moves. The ref doesn’t see a clear strangle and Satja gets really pissed off as she almost attacks Leona to start a real catfight. There is a lot of tension and the match must be stopped several times.

You can clearly see the two women insulting each other and the supporters shouting….

Leona is more technical and she often applies vicious moved but Satja never steps back and uses her flexibility to fight back.

This is an epic battle with both women giving it all to subdue each other. It is so intense that we decided to let the spectactors decide the winner.

Probably one of the best fights we ever made in terms of aggressiveness!


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