Satja vs Julia FCS52 (Topless Catfight)

Julia vs Satya


This is our very first topless catfight match in Female Combat Stars and it is a wonderful one!

Julia and Satja fought several times and don’t like each other but this time the situation is very tense. The pretty teenager apparently went with Julia’s boyfriend.

There is a long interview before the match where the two women insult each other pretty badly. There will be a fingerlock test of strength and one woman will clearly win.

But Julia is enraged and she attacks Satja. The blonde just can’t stop thinking about Satja going with her boyfriend and she pulls Satja’s hair. The tops fall off and the match is entirely TOPLESS.

Satja and Julia keeps insulting at each other for the entire match. Satja has a weight advantage and extremely powerful thighs and Julia is often caught in some hard scissors. However Julia is smart and she has stronger arms, and Satja is caught in several headlocks.

It’s cool to see the two bare breasted beauties fighting topless, with their bodies shining in sweat. There will be a winner and a very upset loser. You are bound to download this epic long video!!!

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