Nikita vs Meelina FCS109

Meelina vs Nikita

This is an extremely interesting match between two fit and tough women: the brunette from Romania called Nikita and the power bomb Meelina. This is a fantastic duel as both girls have muscles and are not afraid to go body vs body.

Meelina is proud of her muscles and wants to overpower Nikita but …. it’s not easy at all. The poisonous Romanian as strength and stamina and there is a lot of rollers and physical action.

You can tell how both women are eager to win this match from the expression of their faces. Meelina tries to headlock her rival but Nikita is great to use her solid legs. Soon the match turns into a scissor contest which is also extremely even.

There will be submissions from sides and one woman will finally snatch the victory in the end. The winner is visibly happy and excited but she knows that the match was very close. The loser is not happy and challenges her foe to a rematch.

This match is well fought and both beauties do their best to submit each other. We hope you enjoy it!


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