Nikita vs Bianca (Topless) FCS147

Bianca vs Nikita

These two don’t like each other and this is a great starting point! Bianca has experience and determination and she is now a regular at Female Combat Stars. She fights a lot and her improvements are evident both in catfighting and in wrestling.

Nikita is very ambitious. She has less experience than Bianca but she is very fit and tough. These two met each other before and surely there is not a good relationship. They fight topless in a beautiful sunny day and the tension is very high.

Tanned Nikita looks great and she immediately attacks but Bianca is not willing to let her take the initiative and as soon as the hit the mats, she immediately uses her strength to overpower her rival. Nikita doesn’t give up easily and tries hard to use her strong legs.  It’s great to see these two athletic women entangled as they both try to subdue one another.

Slowly one woman will take control and she will score several points. The frustration is depicted on the woman who is on the receiving end. This fight is awesome because the watcher can see how both women want to dominate each other.

However one them will deserve a great victory and she will enjoy teasing a very upset loser. Don’t miss it!


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