Ewa vs Alyssa vs Carmen FCS23

Alyssa vs Carmen

Great video with 4 matches, armwrestling and legs test of strength! Carmen is our guest and she faces two of FCS strongest wrestlers: Ewa and Alyssa.

Before the match the girls go for an armwrestling match and then they test each others legs.

Alyssa vs Carmen

Beautiful Alyssa goes against Carmen and the heat is on. The Italian brunette uses her judo skills and performs a couple of amazing take downs. Carmen is surprised by her rival’s headlocks but once on the ground, she can use her own grappling techniques. It is extremely close and the two women end up covered in sweat, with winner enjoying a face sit.

Carmen vs Ewa

The Polish power bomb and the Spanish/Czech woman are similar in size and strength. It is a fab fight and both women are determined to win. There will be a winner smiling and posing in front of the camera.

Ewa vs Alyssa

Alyssa is quick and extremely fit but Ewa is heavier. It another awesome battle where the result looks uncertain. However, one woman will prevail.

Alyssa vs Carmen (2)

The two women accept to fight each other again and this match is simply astonishing. It almost turns into a catfight even though both women are sporty. The winner is visibly happy, displaying her biceps in front of the camera as she poses on the disappointed loser.

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