Women wrestling: the bitter taste of defeat (Interview with Satja and Kali)

We are trying to limit the number of draws. Sometimes it is not so easy because we want the matches to be fully realistic and authentic.

The girls do not want to lose and they always give it all to win. So far all the women have experienced win and losses. The great moment when they can pose on the loser, flex their biceps and smile to the camera as well as the terrible moment when they are layed out, stilled in defeat after the final submission. Winning a wrestling match is pure adrenaline and a great confidence boost but loosing makes you feel bad.

We asked Satja and Kali, the youngest and the oldest wrestler at Female Combat Stars, how it feels when you your opponent places her foot on the chest to celebrate her win.


When I started wrestling I felt confident. I am young, I know, but I am extremely competitive and I was sure than my powerful legs could hurt.

The problem is that you often think about what you can do but you don’t consider your opponent’s strength and skills.

I remember my first win very well. I can tell you every single detail of the bout, my thighs rock hard around her midsection and her hand tapping. It was so intense and I felt incredibly strong when I posed on her.

But what happened when I lost is actually even more clear in my mind. It is immensely frustrating when you just know that you cannot take it anymore.

My worst defeat was against Venere, no doubts. She is pretty thin and I thought I could handle her. I did in the beginning but then she reacted, she trapped me very hard in some really painful scissors and I suddenly lost confidence. Her legs were just as strong as mine but she was fast, determined.

She was just stronger and at some point the pressure from her scissor became unbearable…I simply had to submit.

It is so weird when she lets you go. You know it’s over and you feel empty. Deep down inside you know that your opponent was better than you, superior to you. I just lay down and wait to feel her foot on your chest. I try not too think about it but then you must take a glance to her when she is flexing.

I hate to loose but I can accept it. The thought of having been defeated does not go away so easily but then….you just can’t wait to have another chance.

I am training hard and got some nice wins now. I just can’t wait to face Venere again. I am afraid to get another punishment but I also thrill when I think I could be the one sitting on her chest!

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I know I have a lot of margins to improve. I am strong and I have been in street fights so when I started with Female Combat Stars, I felt invincible. I thought that these younger girls could not beat a mature woman like me and maybe I underestimated some of them.

I am nasty and vicious but wrestling requires stamina and endurance and that did not help me.

Of course I got my share of victories but I agree with Satja when she says that defeats are much hard to forget.

Losing to Shakti was terrible. I was so confident as she is only 18 years old and I have more than twice her age. I didn’t realize how strong she was until we locked up.

We were still relatively unskilled so the match got very physical. I used all my energies to pin her but I soon found out that it was not easy at all.

Towards the end I felt drained and she started to outmuscle me. I could not believe that she was stronger and could hold me down so hard. I was in panic and in total shock when she actually forced me to give up.

I regret saying those words now but I know I had to…..I simply had nothing left!

She was almost embarassed to pose on me but she deserved to win. I decided to look sexy in defeat and looked at her when she celebrated.

Losing to a much younger woman was a terrific experience but it was also an incentive to train harder. When I trained and tried to improve my endurance I kept thinking about myself layed out under her.

You know there is a camera and people will see that you lost. There is nothing you can do about it and you must contemplate your defeat in silence.

Defeats are healthy to make you more conscious about the importance of training and getting focused.

And…yes! I can’t wait to fight Shakti again J


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