Three new girls enter the Female Combat Stars Roster!

Female Combat Stars is expanding and we decided to recruit three new girls.

We only want people who can be loyal to us and love to fight. We like to have combative females with a true fighting spirit and well…we found them!

The first girl is called Helen and she comes all the way from Ukraine.

Helen is 28 years old and she is a brunette with beautiful eyes and a breath taking body.

Helen trained hard with our most experienced girls and she proved to have a real talent for grappling. She has a strong upper body and she is fast and agile.

Helen already had a few official matches and she looked awesome as she showed off her determination. Her best assets are her legs, and we are sure that she will be soon one of the most wanted fighters here!


How about fitness girl Giada? This blonde windsurfer is Italian and she had previous wrestling experiences.

Giada is not heavy but she has strength and stamina. The 24 years old beauty hates to lose and she always gives it all to win. She also has trained legs and strong shoulders and abs. She is very promising and she already showed her toughness during her training. We all look forward to see her in action!


And finally we are happy to introduce you to Leona? Last but not least, Leona is from Ecuador and she is 20 years old.

This gorgeous latina has a very sweet face but she is powerful and she also had previous fighting experience.

Leona has strong arms and she is a natural grappler. She was impressive during the casting and we could tell that she was well trained. We do think that Leona can be very ambitious and she can become a rising star a tour organization.


Follow us, you will soon have the possibility to see how great these new girls can be on the mats!

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