Save the date! July 29th, first Female Combat Stars Live Event!

It’s all true! Our project is going forward and despite we are all well aware that we must improve, we decided to organize a fantastic Live Event.

For this event we selected 8 women from our roster who will face each other in real wrestling and possibly catfighting matches.

During this year, we worked a lot to improve the quality of our videos and we recruited new women, making sure that they had the right attitude and fighting spirit. We started to produce a few real catfights, we set up different scenarios and we also filmed several custom videos, following the indications of our clients.

We know that we could do better. We know we must get the girls to get increasingly aggressive and skilled. We also know that we should produced mixed matches.

This Live Event is the right chance to meet with you guys. You can get to know our ladies and possibly set up sessions with them (even though our selection and our rules are pretty rigid).

The event will be held in a beautiful Tuscan Villa with a fantastic swimming pool and a lot of space. We will offer you food and there will be 8 fights and an armwrestling tournament with all girls involved.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email ( to get more info about the meeting point, the venue and the cost of the ticket.

Below are the girls selected for the event:

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The hottie from Russia is very fit and she trained hard to be at her top form for this event. She is the oldest but her experience is limited. However she has a huge potential, particularly thanks to her legs and her powerful upper body.



This 20 years old beauty from Ecuador has just started with Female Combat Stars but she is not new to wrestling. She is cool and has excellent grappling techniques. She is great when the match is on the floor and she is fast and always ready to strangle her opponents.



Satja is the youngest with Shakti. She is only 18 years old but she had several matches and she improved a lot. Despite she always smile, she hates to loose and her balerina legs are incredibly powerful.



This hot Italian woman is definitely very strong. She has endurance, strong arms and legs and she can hurt. It will be very interesting to see her in action!



Shakti is much stronger than she looks. The black top model is an athlete and her long legs and arms are a threat. She also improved her skills and we expect a lot from her!



Tiger is the veteran of the group. She has been wrestling for several years and she is a natural catfighter. She adores competition and she already punished many women. Her problem might be the fact that everyone wants to beat her!



The hot blonde bombshell is one of our top stars. Julia is petite but she has strong arms and shoulders. She has several matches and she can get particularly dangerous if she doesn’like her rival….



Ronda is a very powerful beauty. She has strength and endurance and she is a true fighter. Her improvements were tremendous and she can’t wait to step on the mats against the other girls.

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