Tyger vs Mulan FCS14

Tiger vs Mulan

Tyger has proved to be an extremely tough opponent for all the new girls. She is experienced, tough and tenacious. Mulan is not very tall but she is powerful and well trained. She is eager to prove Tyger that she can beat her and the two women seem not to like each other at all. The impression was absolutely right.

It is a grudge match and Tyger uses her experience to wrap up Mulan in all sorts of holds. However Mulan has stamina and a very strong upper body and she does try to fight back. The brunette tries to use her strong arms to apply headlocks on Tyger but the red head is a skilled grappler and she often finds the way to apply her lethal scissors. Mulan is really impressive and always comes back, Tyger is great to watch.

In the end the winner will show her muscles and will smile over her beaten foe.


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