Tyger vs Camilla FCS26

Camy vs Tiger

This is FCS first catfight but it is not the first catfight for these two women. Tyger loves pulling hair and she is fearless, Camilla is a powerful woman with a boxing background and she is certainly not scared by the red-head. Quite a bit of posing before the match as both fighters enjoy to show off their muscles. Then it’s time for armwrestling!

The fight is not very long and this is the reason why this video is cheaper. However the action is intense and the two rivals do not hesitate to rip each others hair. It is cool to see how both girls struggle hard before ending up on the ground where one woman will prove to be more skilled.

Surely next catfights will be longer but this first bout was a success which is worth to watch! One woman will be the clear winner and she will finally smile, posing and flexing over her beaten foe.

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