Shakti vs Venere FCS10

Shakti vs Venere

Venere is aggressive and extremely quick. Despite her size, she is much stronger than she looks and she proved it. During this event she was particularly eager to fight and she was not scared at all when we told them to fight Shakti.

The black teenager is 1,78cm and she is made of steel. Shakti has a lot of power and she is very difficult to pin but Venere tries hard to tackle her down. It is not an even match and it is obvious that Shakti has more physical strength but Venere never gives up, especially because her boyfriend is watching the match.

It is interesting to see Venere’s temper against Shakti’s coldness. The black model never looses control and she always ready to apply her lethal scissors but Venere is quick, well trained and constantly dangerous.

There will be an interview in the end, with the winner and the looser telling the viewers how the match went. Interesting battle for those who love mismatches.



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