Shakti vs Tiger FCS59

Tiger vs Shakti

This is a long awaited match. Shakti is a very strong woman and she improved a lot. The black beauty is tall and very athletic and all her opponents told us how surprised they have been by her strength. Shakti came at the Female Combat Stars event determined to confirm her improvements but in this match she must face our veteran Tiger.

FCS’s fans know how tough Tiger is. The redhead is confident, skilled and extremely aggressive.

This match met our expectations! The two women go at it big time, especially because there is an audience and they want to impress the spectators. Tiger is overpowered by the black teenager and she struggles in a some very tight scissors. Then Tiger fights back and it’s Shakti’s turn to suffer.

There is a lot of back and forth and the match is well balanced but yes!…..There will be a winner and a very upset loser.




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