Shakti vs Miriam (the Rematch) FCS49

Shakti vs Miriam

Shakti and Miriam already had a match. They are both tall and athletic and the loser of the first match trained hard to be ready to face her rival again.

The two women are training with boxing gloves but something goes wrong and the tussle starts. Miriam tries her best to apply the techniques she learnt but Shakti is much stronger than she looks. The gorgeous black woman has very strong and long legs and you can see Miriam’s face contorted in pain as her body gets clamped by her opponent’s thighs.

However Miriam is really determined and slowly fights back. Shakti is pinned as Miriam tries her best to get the submission but it’s not easy at all.

There will be a clear winner and the loser won’t be happy. A rivalry is born!


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