Sascha vs Tiger FCS36

Sascha vs Tiger

Sascha is a newcomer that arrives to Female Combat Star to test her strenght. She is a sexy Sicilian lap dancer with Greek origins, a hot muscular body and a very sensual attitude. The first girl we decide to put against her is Tiger, who is willing to teach the newcomer a lesson. Between the two girls there is instant dislike, as you can see from the interviews, and from the way the two women glare at each other before the match.

The two ladies start off showing us their muscles and then they armwrestle: their biceps are incredibly sexy but one woman will win and gain confidence.

The match that follows is outstanding: at one point one girls starts to dominate the other, and you can see how much she enjoys it, teasing and making the other girl suffer in a very mean way… This is a unique match, where the chemistry and grudge between the two women generates a sexy show for female fight true lovers.

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