Pamela vs Leona

Pamela vs Leona

The sexy Russian blonde is back and she is in great shape. She adores to display her toned body and she enjoys posing and flexing in front of the camera. We put her up against 20 years old baby face Leona, we we all learnt how mean the beauty from Ecuador can be. This is a classic blonde vs brunette and the clash of two cultures.

Pamela is fit and well trained and she improved but Leona is a talent and the she always goes for the submission. There will be a lot rollers and a few pins but Leona’s legs are always ready to squash her mighty foe.

Pamela tries hard to use her body strength and handle Leona’s quickness. There will a few submissions and a clear winner. Will Pamela manage to overpower the brunette or will she be subdued?

Only one way to find out. This is a very interesting match between two women who have never faced each other before!

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