Leona vs Julia FCS64

Julia vs Leona

Leona is tough and pretty mean. She is always determined to win and she has been trained to actually hurt her opponents. Julia is lighter but the blonde beauty is strong and smoking hot. This is a pin only match and the result is a very physical match where the two women give it all to immobilize each other.

The result is a very sexy match and one woman will prove to be actually stronger. It is great to see this body to body action and there will be several points scored by the tougher woman who will manage to take the upper hand and outmuscle her opponent.

Although there will be a clear winner, the match is cool and you will love to see the dominant woman frustrating her rival with some very strong pins. At the end of the match the winner will place her foot on the loser chest, posing for the cameras. The defeated woman seems to know that her opponent was simply too much for her This is a must watch!

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