Kali vs Marty FCS21

Marty vs Kali

Kali is in great shape and eager to destroy blonde Marty. However Marty is strong and incredibly fit and she is certainly a combative woman. The two women start to study each other and suddenly one of them lunge forward for the take down. Kali is muscular and powerful but Marty has stamina and strong legs. The blonde beauty struggles to escape but some very hard pins. Kali knows that endurance is her weak point.

You can tell how frustrated Kali is when Marty, in an attempt to bridge her off, hits her with the head. Kali grabs Marty’s hair and threatens her and a catfight seems about to explode. The blonde knows that it is better not to react and she keeps cool.

The match is enjoyable. The two women look beautiful as they roll on the floor, trying to overpower each other. At the end the winner will proudly flex on the exhausted loser.

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