Julia vs Satja FCS40 (revenge!)

Julia vs Satya

Satja and Julia just had a tough match where one woman prevailed. The looser was not happy and she challenged the winner immediately. This time it is a submission match and there is an awesome body to body action which will leave the viewer totally breathless.
Julia is sexier than ever and determined to use her upper body strength and her quickness to outwrestle Satja. However the brunette has powerful thighs and she is eager to subdue her older rival.
The blond hottie tries to get on top but Satja is often ready to squeeze her in her dancer legs. These two don’t like each other and you can see that depicted on their faces as the roll and try to overpower each other.

There will be a very proud winner in the end. Will it be a revenge or will the winner confirm her superiority? This immediate rematch is a must watch but you should also watch FCS39 to fully understand the story.

There will also be an armwrestling match and we will all understand that this rivalry will continue…

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