Helen vs Lady FCS57

Helen vs Lady

Ukraine vs Ecuador! Beautiful Helen is taller and probably stronger than Lady and the pretty latina girl is at her debut here at Female Combat Stars. However Lady is not new to wrestling and she is very fast and quick minded.

The two women don’t like each other and Helen wants to beat the new girl. The Russian brunette tries to use her size and body strength to pin Lady but she is often surprise by the agility and tenacity of the pretty South American girl.

Helen had the opportunity to be trained by Tiger and she tries to use her headlocks. Lady seems to love using her scissors and Helen struggles as Lady’s legs are much stronger than you might think.

There is quite a bit of back and forth but in the end, there will be a proud winner placing her foot on the loser chest and showing the flag of her country. It’s cool to see Helen carrying on with us and Lady finally in action on the ring!

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