Elisa vs Patri (Pin Match)

Elisa Tes vs Patri

After some training and some tests of strengths, Elisa Tes and Patri decide to go for a pin only wrestling match. The two women are beautiful and don’t like each other but they are still newbies and have a lot to learn.

After armwrestling, they go for it and immediately go body to body, trying to outmuscle each other. There are several pins and you can see how these beauties are eager to beat each other. They both have hot bodies and they are both athletic and the match turns out to be very enjoyable. There will be a very happy winner in the end, showing off her guns on her defeated foe.

If you like to see two gorgeous models with limited experience wrestling, this match is a must. Especially because Elisa and Patri will continue to train and improve. Who knows? They have the potential to become true fighters and we will do our best to get them better and better….

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