Alyssa vs Tiger FCS60

Alyssa vs Tiger

Alyssa and Tiger hate each other and they fought several times. Alyssa is a beautiful woman but she is strong and skilled, Tiger is mean and brutal. The two women look incredibly sexy in their lingerie and as soon as the match starts, the atmosphere is immediately tense, particularly after the awesome catfight they had on the grass in FCS53.

Tiger is initially overwhelmed by Alyssa who is just brilliant with her headlocks. Once on the mats, Tiger can use her BBJ skills and she manages to apply a few nasty holds, but Alyssa learnt how to use her legs too.

Alyssa is so hot in her outfit and you can see the determination depicted on her face. But Tiger is aggressive and she is always ready to fight back.

The winner of this match truly enjoys posing and showing off her biceps. The war between these two is always juicy!

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