Introducing new FCS girl Ronda

There are absolutely no doubts that Ronda can become a true wrestling star. The new girl is 24 years old and she is about 1,64 per 53 kg.
Not a heavy girl for sure but she muscular and incredibly strong.

Ronda is a trained Thai Boxer and she enjoys fighting. During her training our coach was impressed by her stamina and the strength of her arms.


“To make me submit my opponent must kill me!”. That is the first thing she said during her first match at Female Combat Stars.

Endurance is key in wrestling but what is amazing is the way she always smile even when she gets caught in some nasty holds. “I know I must improve my technique but I am used to fight and I know I will be soon at my best!”, that’s what Ronda told us after her fights.


Ronda is available for catfights too! “No problem, I did pretty well in the few catfights I had and I am certainly not scared of pulling hair”. We will soon post her first matches and you will find for yourself what Ronda can do. She is certainly a confident woman but she is also bubbly and very feminine.

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