Andy, Melanie and Linda. Three new guest wrestlers coming soon!

They might become regular at Female Combat Stars, but for the moment they are just guest wrestlers.

We continuosly recruit new women and train them to learn how to fight. Some of them are very good but before calling them “stars” we want to make sure that they are reliable and, most of all, people like them.

These girls proved to be able to wrestle and we are keen to know your opinion on them. Do not hesitate to comment!

Andy, 19 years old. 1,65 and 50kg from Romania

Andy is slim and light but don’t let yourself fool you by her size. She is determined and competitive. Her best assets are her legs. Andy is a dancer and she is very flexible. She has stamina and she is cold and focused.

You will soon see her in action.

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Linda, 26 years old. 1,63 and 56 kg from Italy

Linda is a professional judoka and she is extremely strong. She has been in the national Judo team and she can be our top fighter. Linda has muscles and she is fast and smart. Her judo skills can make the difference, especially her tight headlocks. Catfights and wrestling are clearly different from Judo but Linda has the fighting spirit and you will soon see what she can do.



Melanie, 28 years old. 1,70 and 57kg from Italy.

Melanie comes from the ghetto and she defines herself as a nasty catfighter. Of course she needs to gain experience but this woman is simply not scared. She has a strong upper body and she is willing to learn. Follow us and you will soon see how she performed.

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